The motors of the We-Vibe 3 are rigid, but the band makes positioning the vibe easy and comfortable. The squishy silicone provides a comfortable sex Vibrators for women big remote, and in places where the vibe is in the most moving contact (both for the male and female), the silicone is thicker for an extra lush feeling. Where the We-Vibe is in contact with the upper wall of the vagina and the mons, there are ripples in the silicone to help with placement. These are quite malleable and will be friendly to those who don't care for texture.

We-Vibe 3's silicone is the slick, shiny variety. This means you'll apply lube to your body more easily than to the vibe, and it also means that your vibe will collect lint unless you store it in its charging case. Using condoms with such sticky silicone might be risky as well. However, the benefit to the shiny sort of silicone, for this vibe, is that it helps everything stay in place---so your g-spot vibrations are going to benefit your g-spot.

The image shows the firm-yet-flexible connecting band holding the We-Vibe 3 up, as it does in doggy-style positions, and the gentle squishability of the silicone ridges on the g-spot bulge. We-Vibe 3 was designed very efficiently for its task---it promises to provide stimulation to the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously, without interfering with a partner's penis. Its design is simply two motors, each held in place and connected by a thin band. The We-Vibe 3 looks like a C-shape, with the "bottom, " g-spot portion becoming narrow quickly, while the "top, " clitoral portion (which features the button and remote receiver) stays at a moderate width to help it hit a majority of clits. The motors are connected by a band 3/8" wide, which doesn't interfere with PIV insertion.

The We-Vibe 3 is ideally sized for what it does. Shorter than the palm of my hand at 2. 75 insertable inches, it would be about 7 inches if completely flattened. About 2. 5 inches reach up and over the mons, covering the clit on the way, and the remaining length of the toy is taken up by the curve from vaginal to clitoral bulges.

Considering the wide variety possible in the female Dildos, the designers of the We-Vibe have done an excellent job providing a design to fit nearly everyone. If your clit is anywhere from 11mm to 65mm above your urethra, the clitoral portion will make complete contact for you. Even if your clit is slightly closer than 11mm, vibrations are carried well enough through the band that you won't be missing out on the stimulation.